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In the Clouds - Elementary OS/Jolicloud Mockup by DaSurgeeo In the Clouds - Elementary OS/Jolicloud Mockup by DaSurgeeo
Just me thinking of making elementary cooler.
Imagine having all your personal digital stuff anywhere and in one cool place. Enter Jolicloud. I love the idea and wondered if Elementary could use something like this.
All your documents, apps, social networks, instantly connected to the desktop with no hassle and can be accessible any where with connection.

The first pic is elementary desktop but to the left is the jolicloud button to activate the jolicloud panel.

The second pic is the jolicloud panel.
This action slides the desktop to the right with a slick animation and the wingpanel part above the the panel now has a close button and maximize button. Th close button just closes the panel but one can click anywhere in the desktop to close it as well (even clicking the jolicloud icon again).
The maximize button hides the whole desktop and shows the jolicloud interface. I was to lazy to make but one gets the idea (the whole wingpanel disappears and show only the close button; Jolicloud icon; and the minimize button).

I don't know in full the NEW Jolicloud interface but just read their blog and you'll catch it.

In the last pic it just shows when a category is clicked. It justs shows the category but not in full screen (for a quick use). The desktop just moves more to the right and the wingpanel part works the same.

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Made with Gimp. Made in Ubuntu. Made by Me.
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In my mind, I see Elementary OS as the Linux Distro that is for the average joe. It's like elementary school. Easy, loving, and you learn and are given the essentials. "Life is made of the little things we can't live without. Those things used to live in our homes. Now they live in the cloud. But the problem is they live in lots of clouds. Jolicloud connects all those clouds. So all the things you love are now in one place". This is Jolicloud.
Now then, since I don't what the NEW is going to be like (since it is in private beta), I just want to share some ideas I got.
1. Jolicloud file management
A simple plugin or marlin can upload ALL your files and sync them to their own separate clouds using Jolicloud or send them individually through contracts. All your files will be accessible and categorized through JC.
2. Social Management
All your apps have access through Jolicloud's social network where you can show what app you downloaded, recommended, and reviewed. Hopefully more personal actions can be shared, i.e. rated a song, won a game achievement, change your wallpaper, etc... All under your control through contracts.
3. Web apps
Web apps daily get better and better. Heck I can play bastion with chromium! A modern full fledged game on a browser. With web apps acting like desktop apps on EOS a user can now interact with the web apps (websites) like desktop apps making it easier to control and share. Hopefully web apps can be "downloaded" physically in to ones hard drive for (limited) offline use. This would make EOS great for the savvy socially active individuals who just want quick and easy access to their favorite web apps.
4. Native app sync (temporary app store)
Now the one thing I love Jolicloud is the ability to sync all my web apps and (some) of my native apps. Whenever I got a new laptop I installed Jolicloud and boom ALL my apps where installed. Now imagine having multiple computers (running EOS of course) and for each one you just login and boom your desktop is there, no questions asked. There native app section is limited but shows a lot of potential for an (at least temporary) EOS app store.

if you read all the text above congrats....

PLEASE give me some feedback so this idea, of mine, can mature to something big.
DanqueDynasty Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This looks interesting, in my opinion it looks a lot better than gnome 3.
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