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Interference - The White Noise app by DaSurgeeo Interference - The White Noise app by DaSurgeeo
Ok here goes. I want to make an app. My first full time Ubuntu app. An app that hopefully will be ready for Elementary Luna. You see, me and my family love EOS. I killed my Windows days for the advantages and ease of use (also the no money part) of EOS. This is a mockup of what I hope the app will look like. I'm 17 who just graduated and is running a tire shop fulltime. I want to start coding and wanted to start with a project that was "simple" and yet cool. Something for Ubuntu. Something open-source. Something Beautiful. I know some coding basics (javascript) but I got to start somewhere. At this point all I know about making an app is by starting w/ a mockup. I hope I can get some advice from some of you and well I'd love to experience some of this great community.

Now then, let us put aside all that gushy stuff for now. Interference is the app's name. It is a white noise that is similar to the web app SimplyNoise [link]
I love this site because it helps cancel out the noise outside (my house and it inhabitants) with white noise. I love the app but the fact that it's a web app annoys me. I am offline sometimes and this fact kills some of my productivity. I wanted to install an app similar but there is an absence. So why not make one?
The interface should look like this. Simple and uniform.
You choose a white noise and that noise loops until you stop it.
You can install more noises via an official site (hoping for or unofficially (other sites). The noise (themes) should be packaged easily and stuff.
When you hover over any noise, in the app, an info button appears and you can click it to view a dialog box with the basic info about the noise (name, author, time published) and hopefully I can make look awesome and not dull like many "about" dialog boxes.
The UI is simple. The add button brings up an dialog box that gives you access to install other noises. The Play/Stop button does what it says and the Oscillating (shuffle, my bad) button fades the sound as it loops (for clarity sake visit [link]).

Hope this is interesting to some of you but I will try my best to make this a real app for Linux.

(could any one tell me how to hide text, Thanks!)
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dahenson Featured By Owner Jul 30, 2012
I love this idea. It seems like you have the passion and desire to get this done. I fully recommend learning how to code with Vala/Gtk+ in order to get more acceptance in the elementary dev community. There are plenty of example programs ([link]) and help is always available on freenode (#elementary, #elementary-web, #elementary-dev).

The only comment I have for this mockup is that the symbolic icons for each soundscape are a little too busy. They should be smooth and simple like the rest of the elementary icon set. I think a good place to start would be using the Tango Icon Theme Guidelines ([link]).

You might also look into Binaural Beats. I know that some people believe in using this as a mechanism to stimulate their brains for a more productive work environment. ([link])
Kesymaru Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012
You should read the gnome developer website there are several tutorials on programming in vala (the official programing language of eOS) also can see the UI guidelines of elementary and Ubuntu.

You also have the option to read the ubuntu guide for developers so you could put the application in ubuntu software center and other good idea is use launchpad to host the project.

Well I like the idea! If you'll need help may be i could help you (I'm still learning vala).

Ubuntu app developer: [link]
Elementary developer: [link]
Elementary Art & Design: [link]
Launchpad: [link]

DaSurgeeo Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2012
Hablas spanish? Me too!
Hopefully we can team up to make the app. Write now I'm going to go ahead and develop the app with quickly. According to my infrastructure it should be relatively easy but the challenge is the themes. Hopefully, again, podemos trabajar juntos
shadow27r Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012  Student Traditional Artist
cool idea..
DaSurgeeo Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2012
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